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Cruise facilities

Experience the serene magic of world famous Halong Bay with Cristina Diamond Cruise Halong, a brand new metal Cruise built in traditional and elegant style. With 16 spacious cabins, tastefully furnished, its topside bar, a gourmet restaurant and a relaxed sundeck in fresh air, not to mention extraordinary levels of service, Cristina Diamond Cruise Halong bay offers service with style.

Launched in March 2015, the brand new Cristina Diamond Cruise Halong  offers the best of both worlds: luxurious, traditional styling paired with sophisticated modern facilities and comforts! The Cruise features 3 decks designed with Asia Traditional decor. 


Cristina Diamond Cruise Cabins

Cristina Diamond Cruise Halong bay is a Brand new Cruise launched on April 27, 2015. The cruise is made from steel and high quality wood to bring every traveler absolutely safe stay on Halong Bay. There are 16 Deluxe Cabins located on the main deck of Cristina Diamond Cruise. Each cabin is furnished in a minimal style with a choice of double or twin beds or triple with a balcony.

Cristina cruise halong bay Suite Cabin

Cristina Diamond Cruise Sundeck

For all sun lovers, the sprawling deck is the ideal spot to enjoy soaking up some vitamin – D while enjoying the view of Halong Bay. Part of the deck is swathed in shade for those of you who prefer fresh sea air under some UV protection. The deck is also great for photo catching and hanging out in the evening to look at constellations in the night sky, perhaps whilst enjoying an exotic cocktail served by waiters. Guests can be tanning themselves for relaxing.

Cristina Cruise Halong bay

Dinning Room and Bar

Located on the second floor of the Halong Cristina Diamond Cruise, our dining room is designed to serve guests at private tables carved from precious wood, comfortable and romantic setting in which to take in the beauty of the bay. Our Chefs will take you on a Vietnamese Gatronomic Journey, from our 8 course Feast with dishes that repicate the menu of the old imperial court to our Traditional Vietnamese Family meal. You will leave Cristina Diamond Cruise with an enhance understanding of the Vietnamese Culture. Great pride goes into the preparation of these meals and special diets are also attended to.

The Bar on the deck also serves a good selection of spirits, wines and beer and those are readily available to you at an additional cost.



Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the crystal waters of Halong Bay are integral experience during your time with Halong Cristina Diamond Cruise. Regular events like guest’s birthdays, honeymoon celebrations, Halloween, National days, Christmas, New Year and like such are well attended to ensure your fullest enjoyment and excitement during your valuable time onboard.

Cristina Cruise activities

On board safety

The boat itself was designed by the Industrial Ship Designing Institute and is inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly. It is designed to be balanced even with a 23-degree list. The Vietnamese Marine Authorities certify all materials and equipment used in the construction of the boat construction from the wood and steel, electrical cables and generators. Every vessel is fitted with professional marine safety equipment:  VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm system  System and Fire Extinguishers. The Viola boats have double the safety coefficient required by the authorities.

Cruise captain cabin Halong bay
Experienced captain and top-notch equipment in bridge

All The Cristina Diamond Cruise vessels operate under professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedules, which will insure you cruising Halong Bay in a completely safe environment. Each vessel maintenance schedule includes regular monthly and bi-annual routine maintenance and an annual dry-docking to ensure all aspects of seaworthiness and accommodation are in good condition.

All The Cristina Diamond Cruise vessels are covered with maximum vessel insurance based on the vessel certification, including total Crew and Passenger capacity.

Safety on board

For all of our Vietnam cruises, The Cristina Diamond Cruise places the highest priority on the safety and security of our vessels and all Passengers, Crew and Crew members onboard.The Cristina Diamond Cruise vessel is commanded by a Captain, and manned by a professional Deck Crew and Crew members. All Crew and Crew members have training certificates or recognized expertise accredited by the relevant Vietnamese Government Authorities.Our Cruise Managers conduct a safety briefing prior to departure, which includes onboard procedures and clear instructions in case of emergency.

All The Cristina Diamond Cruise Crew are trained for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with emergencies. Refresher training and live drills are conducted every month.

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