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Cristina Diamond Cruise Tripadvisor reviews

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Cristina Diamond Cruise Tripadvisor reviews

Amazing experience

we booked our tour via our hotel after being confirmed that this would be the right tour for us…not so many people, nice rooms and staff on board….and we weren’t disappointed!

The room we had was very nice, had a large bed and windows that opened up off the edge of the boat…was a great view when you looked out and especially a great view to wake up to!

The boat itself was very clean, we are vegetarian and the chef had made us a special meal made from soya, it was delicious. We were the only vegetarians on the boat and we felt special that we got our own dish make for us freshly! it was delicious!

We watched the sun go down and the scenery was fantastic.

On the day tour we had the chance to take a kayak and go around, which was a great little adventure as you can go through caves.

We also visited a cave where many other boat were visiting, so nothing special here.

Overall a great experience! i would go again if i returned.

Excellent Staff, Great Views, Good Facilities

I took the Cristina cruise for NYE 2014/15 and found the tour operator (Lana) to be a delight. She was very attentive & provided great instructions to all the visitors on board (there were about 16 of us) whilst also moving us along on each part of the tour. I did the 2D/1N tour for about USD200 and really enjoyed it.

Personally, I didn’t find the food particularly tasty but I chose to go vegetarian for the cruise and feedback from the meat eaters was that the seafood was tasty and diverse. For a budget cruise, it was a memorable and very worthwhile experience. The rooms were clean but most of the power outlets didn’t work b/c the boat is run on a generator (as they all are).

If you need to charge your phone, charge it upstairs in the restaurant! My only recommendation would be that if you want to see Ha Long Bay, maybe go at a time of year when there are not so many boats on the water. It was very, very crowded for NYE and sometimes you hear the music blaring out from the other boats. Having said that, the night music shuts down on the bay by 11pm.

The lull of the water is wonderful to fall asleep to. The smell of the diesel isn’t so wonderful so make sure you book a room that is FAR AWAY from the engine room downstairs (that applies for any boat/junk). I felt bad for the folks who stayed in the room next to the engine – I don’t think they got much sleep.

Overall, I recommend the Cristina to anyone wanting to see the karsts, the beach, the caves, some wonderous views and who wants to go kayaking on Ha Long Bay.

One word of advice, DON’T dally. When your tour operator says, “hurry up” – then hurry up! Some people on our cruise/tour delayed everyone on our trip by disappearing into a cave after dusk on their kayak. Instead of kayaking for 30 mins, they were gone for nearly 50 mins. The tour operator nearly had a heart attack b/c no one could find them. It was extremely stressful to everyone else on the tour b/c these 2 kayakers not only made all of us late, they endangered their own lives (literally) by kayaking at night, without lights, on the bay in the path of any one of 30 much bigger boats/junks that couldn’t even see them. It was very inconsiderate of them to do that. I appreciate that people like to be adventurous, but please pay attention to the time and don’t inconvenience everyone else just b/c you want to have an adventure :)

Thanks, Lana, for keeping our group together & for making the cruise a really worthwhile, enjoyable trip overall :)

ps: A final word? Swim in the water at your own risk at the beach. Floating debris is not my idea of a healthy water system. I thought the sea water quality was awful – but that’s nothing to do with the Cristina, just a general observation.


From beginning to pick up at then transferred back to hotel was perfect.Tour guide speaks English & friendly help us around. Foods “wow” Love it… They offer the best party on Christ. We dance whole night on romantic cruise. Cristina is the best I thought for our budget and wonderful house for couples, families & friends stay over night on the Halong Bay. 100% I’ll tell for everyone.

“Wonderful staff – Great service”

135 bucks is nothing to pay for the great trip at first of our plan to visit Vietnam. Itself is cozy boat with magnificent seafood. My guide is excellent and funny. Definitely I will recommend!

“Cristina cruise”

Fizemos a viagem de 2dias/1noite com a empresa cristina cruise e o navio foi o viola cruise. Tudo correu super bem. Halong bay é linda, o barco era confortável e a comida era sensacional e farta! Enfim, o passeio foi memorável!